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How does the diaper delivery service work?

Every Wednesday afternoon we drop off 70 new diapers for you, and take your dirty diapers. You just need to put your dirty diapers in a bin, which we give you, and put the bin on your doorstep every Wednesday. 

What is the difference between the three diapers?

The all-in-ones are the easiest to use (one step) because everything is all together. The fitted diapers are the next easiest to use (two steps), you have the cloth diaper with adjustable buttons (step 1) plus a cover over it (step 2 - we offer the covers for additional charge or you can provide your own). Finally, the prefold diapers require the most steps (3 steps), but they are a more affordable option. With the prefold diapers you fold the cloth (step 1), then you need to pin the cloth (step 2), then you need to put a cover over it (step 3). 

All-in-one video

Fitted diaper video (coming soon!)

Prefold diaper video

What about the poop?

We are in the business of doing the dirty work for you! No need to scrape, soak, scrub, or spray before placing them in the pail. However, once solid food is introduced we kindly ask you place any 'plopable' solids in the toilet before placing the diaper in the pail. 


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