Book Services Now 

To book my services for your EDD (estimated due date), please: 



1). Complete the Client Intake Form

Client Information/Instructions                                

I recommend printing a copy of the Information/Instructions, and either placing in a visible location in your home (home   birth) and/or packing in your hospital bag so that you're able to refer to it when you deliver.

Waiver of Liability/Services Agreement

Please print, initial, and sign the Waiver/Services Agreement. I will collect it from you when I pick up your placenta, or you   may scan a signed copy and email it to me.

Hospital Printout (Optional)

Print and pack this in your hospital bag. Hang in your room as a reminder to the hospital staff that you wish to keep your placenta.

2). Pay the booking deposit(s)

Placenta Encapsulation Services - TCM Inspired Method

Booking Deposit: $55

Bengkung Belly Binding 

Booking Deposit: $25

Please note the booking deposit is non-refundable. 
The remainder of the balance for services rendered is due at the time I pick up your placenta to begin preparation, and can be paid via PayPal, Venmo, debit/credit card, or by cash or check (please make checks payable to Darylann Watkins).

If you wish to take care of this in advance, you may pay in full now.

3). Download & print the Client Information/Instructions & Waiver of Liability/Services Agreement